Roll the 20-sided dice

Welcome to this week’s Reno News & Review.

We went late last night. With today being Martin Luther King Jr. day, the boys were not in school, so Hunter was joined by pals Soren and Duncan. Joy and I rounded out the troop, and dungeonmasters Faddy and Clint provided omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent direction for the campaign.

You could have cut the geek in the air with a broadsword.

Playing Dungeons and Dragons with 12-year-olds in the 2010s isn’t exactly the experience I had when I played with college students back in the early ‘80s. For one, drink and food tended toward coffee and pizza rather than beer and beer. For another, there was no potty-mouthery. Or magic sexual attacks.

Our goal is to rescue a powerful creature from the bowels of a prison. We don’t know much about him, except his name is Lebron, and we are not to take his manacles off. That suggests that he might not be as grateful for his release as you might think.

We learned of a secret entrance into the prison from a one-eyed dwarf prison guard in a tavern in town, after Duncan intimidated the heck out of him, and I paid him 25 gold pieces. Even then he was hesitant to cut loose with the information until we got a little tough with him.

We also picked up a hot little halfling rogue in the tavern.

I think we only had to kill six prison guards on our way down to the second level below ground in the prison. We didn’t lose anyone, but Soren was down to three hit points. Hunter’s elf druid’s giant toad also played a major role in the first soiree, when two guards went after Hunter. (Yeah, I know you’re supposed to refer to the character names, not the people, but the only character’s name I can remember is mine, and his name’s Happy.)

You gotta love a long weekend with the kid and his friends.