Issue: December 17, 2009

Hey everybody,

How are your toes? Felt ’em lately? Well, this week, we present Winter Guide 2009. Why do we call it Winter Guide 2009 when there’s only 14 days left in 2009? It’s one of life’s mysteries. Inside this year’s winter guide, look for a three-month calendar, interview with a daredevil freeskier, all the gear that fits, a snowboard that magically transforms to skis, and much, much more. Also in this week’s issue, check out Dennis Myers’ story describing how the Democratic health-care bill has something to make everyone a little ill. Arts & Culture has a gift guide for the cash strapped; Foodfinds has Italian for the cold and hungry; and Filet of Soul has sound advice for the spiritually flat. Wash it all down with a well-known homebrewed egg nog. As always, thanks for reading our newspaper. If it weren’t for you, we’d be left out in the cold.

Thanks again, and season’s greetings from the whole crew.