Best place to go cow tipping

Any beautifully green pasture on Highway 395 between Reno and Carson City.

Dear Giorgio,
I miss you all at home in Basque country so much. There is little here in America that can make my heart happy. I thought the green rolling fields of Spain could never be compared to any land in the States … until today. I rode in a truck from Reno to the state capital, Carson City, with a guy named Chad who I met last night at a discotheque. There were not many peoples or houses, but there were many pretty pastures that made me think of home and of you and Ricardo. Of course, there were cows in the pastures and not sheep, so that made my heart cold again. And then Chad, who I do not think took a shower after drinking lots of alcoholic beverages last night, said, “Do you want to tip over cows? It’s starting to get late enough for them to fall asleep. You push them over when they’re asleep.” And I was so happy in my heart again. I told to him, “Yes, I know this sort of thing, we do the same with sheep back home, except we do it when they are awake because they do not sleep standing up and you must sneak up on them.” We tipped two cows. Although Chad says it’s illegal, I loved it in my heart, and I will always remember this place as being almost like home.Kiss kiss,