Best face that was made for radio

Ferenc Szony
Sands Regency 345 N. Arlington Ave. 348-2200

Dear Prudence,
Sorry to hear about your “problem.” Used to be that a shot of penicillin would take care of stuff like that. Things are pretty cool here in Reno. If it weren’t for a giant billboard, I could see the mountains from my second-story apartment balcony. Right now, I’m looking at one that features a local casino personality. He’s president of the Sands Regency, Ferenc Szony, and I think he’s dressed like his mother. The only thing this town likes better than casinos is billboards. Personally, I prefer the radio ads. Ferenc—see I don’t even know him, and I call him by his first name—seems like the guy next door. Of course, from here, he really is the guy next door.