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Best place to overdrive your PC

Computer Extreme
414 Greenbrae Drive, Sparks 351-2757

Dear Dad,
Sorry to hear about your crash. Same thing happened to me about a year ago. First, I took the computer to one of those giant chainstores; they sold me a bunch of upgrades that couldn’t begin to handle the stuff I use my computer for. They even sold me stuff that was totally unnecessary, but I didn’t know any better than to pay to have it put in. Fortunately, I found a place in Sparks, Computer Extreme. They built me a brand-new, RAID (random access individual drives) system that screams. It cost me a couple hundred more for the computer, but it would feed the kids if I asked it to. The guys over there are kind of funny, and I only understand about a quarter of what they say, but they haven’t lost patience with me yet. Anyway, next time you get an e-mail that says, “I love you,” you’d better make damned sure it’s from Mom.