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Best place to get a nut

Shelly’s True Value Hardware
440 Greenbrae Drive, Sparks 358-1841

Dear Uncle Harold,
In regard to your last letter: Who cares if you got a Home Depot on Main Street? Whatever happened to Jim Hill’s Hardware Store? At least Hill spent his money in town. We’ve got about 40 of those behemoths clogging up the streets here. Have you been in there yet? Just try and get some help. You couldn’t get a kick in the chest if you were having a heart attack. I go to this place called Shelley’s True Value in Sparks. The prices are just as good as at the big box store, and if you need some real informed help, you can get it from the guys who’ve been selling nuts, bolts and those widgets that hold up the sliding closet doors up for 30 years. I always go there first, and if I can’t find it there, then I head over to the hellhole.