Music notes

I can’t walk into the Albertsons on Plumb Lane without hearing Snooty Phalanges’ Steve Gustin screaming “ALVAREZZZZ!” from halfway across the store—or seeing other random Reno musicians in the beer aisle. The most recent time around, it was Karl from The Hydromatics, who informed me he had taken over the spot left vacant in The Trainwrecks when Leroy Bowers quit. Karl is a great choice considering his background. … Another heads up: You my have seen stickers around that say simply “Get Killed.” This is not a command; it’s the name of a self-described “post punk project” featuring Leah Crawford (loadstar, m.c.GOB), RN&R food reviewer Brad Bynum and Paul Hutchinson. Get Killed will play this Halloween at a CD release party for Arabella and Dog Assassin. This free show at Tress’ house starts at 6:30 p.m., and all attendees must wear costumes. Visit or for more information.