Music notes

The Vitriolics are no more, and we all know that the band’s lead singer, Mark Earnest, and drummer, Dean Kramer, are now in the more-than-just-an-acoustic trio Mr. Vague with Dean’s brother Neal. But, more recently, Blackie, the band’s former bassist, is in a new band with a very metal name, The Flesh Hammers. The Flesh Hammers are described by the drummer, Jon, as being “The death of frat-rock!” The band has songs with names like, “Six Shooters, Six Strings & Six Packs,” “In the Gutter” and “Livin’ in L.A.” with vocals performed by the lovely Sista Rawk. Check out the Flesh Hammers at one of their upcoming shows, July 31 at the all-day benefit-for-artists show at Wildflower Village, 4395 W. Fourth St., or Aug. 18 at Jive ’n’ Java in Fallon.