Music notes

Grammy-winner for best new artist, Evanescence, played to a full house of nearly 4,000 fans at the Reno Hilton Sunday. The audience was an ocean of black-clad Neo-gothic fans with hardly a pastel in sight. While kids danced and sang, many earplug-bearing moms and dads watched on. Wisps of fog played about the stage while magenta, blue and green lights lit the performers. The band played strong and loud, nailing the audience with a barrage of hits. Many people in the audience sang along with every lyric that singer Amy Lee passionately poured out. Lee’s vocals were full and clear despite Reno’s notoriously dry air. Raven-haired Lee wore black bondage-style pants, chains, a studded belt and what appeared to be crimson red bondage scarves around her waist. Halfway through the show, Lee took a break from prowling the stage and sat down to play piano. She demonstrated her talent as a musician as well as a singer. As the show came to a close, lighters and hands “throwing” the horn sign filled the air above the audience’s heads.