Music notes

Music is back at “The Wall.” The Little Waldorf is building a new and improved stage that will feature new lighting and a new sound system. The plan is to start hosting national acts, as well local shows every Saturday night. Music makes a comeback beginning with Livitz Livitz and Keyser Soze who will play on May 15. For booking information, call Ryan at 544-5329. Walden’s Coffeehouse has added free wireless internet access to its list of amenities. Owner Jeff Wilson says, “Students, soccer moms, realtors, teachers and the many professionals that frequent Walden’s can now check their e-mails, send messages to colleagues and browse the web.” Internet access will also give patrons the chance to check out information on musicians at the Walden’s Web site during live performances, such as the weekly Musician’s Showcase or the Best Open Mic. Visit