Morning in Nevada

What a lovely morning. Last night was filled with outright happiness and stone cold glee. I haven’t felt that good in a long, long time—like about two years! Some lingering thoughts on The Morning After …

One thing we learned on election night is that Republicans are now so unencumbered with trivialities like ethics, morals and smarts that they’ll just go ahead and elect (1) criminals (Congressfelons Collins and Hunter) and (2) dead people (Dennis Hof). Good to know! Talk about sending a stiff to Carson City!

The three brightest new stars on the Democratic scene—Andrew Gillum, Stacey Abrams and Beto O’Rourke—all lost. It was a good night, for sure, but not on that front. I’m sure we’ll hear more from each, since they are all (1) high quality candidates and (2) high quality people. And, hey, when the guy running for governor is also the guy overseeing the election, gee, what could go wrong? Yeah, you could say the optics of that Georgia story aren’t exactly 20-20.

Lo and behold, it turned out to not be the Blue Wave, but the Pink Wave. Thanks, girls. Seriously. We owe ya one. And millenials, way to show up. Cheers!

Telling Dean Heller to piss off was a high point. A very high point. And congrats to our new governor. Rosen and Sisolak? Elected amidst a hideous onslaught of millions of Mitch/Adelson dollars? Oh, that is just so fucking delicious I can barely stand it. So now we’ve got the new Feinstein/Boxer double dame tandem in the Senate, in the persons of Catherine Cortez Masto/Jacky Rosen. Good for us. I’m betting that’s a first for Nevada. Give ’em hell, ladies.

Hey, America, way to go! Way to goddamn go, Uncle Sam! You didn’t completely succumb to that horrific bile blast of racist nonsense from Dum Dum and his twisted right hand man, hateful mutant Steven Miller. I was hoping like hell you wouldn’t let that ugliness triumph, Sammy ole pal, and thank you for keeping it somewhat together. I knew a disturbing number of citizens would slip on that vicious and ridiculous Caravan crap, but thank the stars Sane People still outnumber the Deplorables. I think.

Yes, there were some disappointing losses—once again, as always, Florida proved utterly lame, useless and pitiful—and some mighty big wins. Including The Big One. We’re coming, Twitler. We’re coming for you and your tanning bed. And your phone. And your taxes. Suck on that, jagoff. Have a nice day.

And, gee, isn’t it about time for Mr. Mueller to get back on stage?