Issue: October 11, 2018

Dear Reno News and Review readers,

Special Projects Editor Matt Bieker here to tell you what you can expect

from the pages of this week's edition. Dennis Myers' news story examines

Nevada's evolving relationship with the sale of legal marijuana and how the

plant can still sometimes put residents at odds with their own local

governments. (Check out this week's editorial for our staff's own view on

the pitfalls of prohibition in general.) Our Tahoe column spotlights the

brave men and women of HASTY, a volunteer search and rescue corps that

trains extensively to keep locals and visitors alike safe in the wild—and

sometimes dangerous—conditions of Lake Tahoe and the surrounding

wilderness. Local band Common Mishap explains their introspective lyrics in

our Musicbeat section, while Art of the State features a two-day-only

haunted mini golf course at a local artists' co-op. Kris Vagner took our

Arts and Culture section to the Nevada Museum of Art this week, where the

photography of turn-of-the-century female explorer and proto-feminist

Anne Brigman finds new life on the gallery walls—where it's better suited

to live than Instagram. Finally, our feature this week tells the harrowing

story of the murder of Jimmy Hoff, and undercover cop who was stabbed to

death in a drug deal gone wrong over 30 years ago. Contemporary interviews

and evidence from the day continue to paint an incomplete picture of how

exactly Hoff died, while both his family and his killers continue to seek


As usual, thanks for picking up the paper or finding us online for all the

alt-weekly happenings in Reno. We'll see you next week.


  • Usual suspects

    Lead guitarist Colin Willis, bassist Mike Leland, drummer Garrett LaDuke and singer and guitar player Callum Burgener have released a demo, an album and an EP since they formed Common Mishap in the summer of 2015.

    By Andrea Heerdt

    This article was published on 10.11.18

  • Small talk

    Skyline Kitchen & Vine is an inviting and stylish “casual upscale” room you’d never know was formerly a neighborhood gas station and mini-mart.

    By Todd South

    This article was published on 10.11.18