Kavanaught blues

Has there ever been a more petulant, pissy, pugnacious, punkass super putz applying for the Supreme Effing Court? Jeez, whatever meds yer on, Brett ole buddy, triple up! Dude forgot one important thing—to bring a little likability to the party. It’s been proven, time and again, that being a lying, sneering, belligerent jerk will often work against you in job interviews.

There are two reasons Retrumplicans want Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court. (1) Overturn Roe V. Wade. In order for Trump to stabilize his evangelical support, he must come through on this front. It’s the main reason that evangelicals, who aren’t as dumb as they look (except when they are) allow themselves to be played for suckers by Agent Orange. (2) Kavanaugh’s main job will, of course, be to cover for Trump as the blizzard of investigations eyeballing Dum Dum and his businesses bears down. Spanky desperately needs a loyal bitch boy on the Court who honestly thinks that “Gee whiz, the POTUS is just too darn busy to be bothered with all these doggone investigations!”

This accounts for the insanely inappropriate urgency with which this truly stupendous CF is unfolding. The Retrumplicans have to give the Supreme Court this Kavanaugh Hotfoot now, before the midterms, because after the election, well, things just may get weird. Ya know? So they have to get this guy on the court mucho pronto, or they blow it. And if they blow it, their new business partners will be very unhappy. And you don’t want to make the Russians unhappy. You just don’t, ’cuz when the Russians are unhappy, people have a tendency to get real drunk and fall from fourth floor balconies. Da! (It’s encouraging to remember that Christopher Steele and his family are still alive. I can only assume this means that this guy is a pro who knows how to lay real low).

The Boston Globe began a recent editorial with this—“Make no mistake. Brett Kavanaugh’s a liar. He lies about little things. He lies about big things. He lies under oath.” Isn’t that exactly the rave review you want to read about a guy applying to be on the freaking Supreme Court? Could it be that Brett’s Trumpesque lying will eventually overtake the sex assault stuff, making it moot, because those lies will give a couple senators the cover they need for “no” votes?

So you are registered, right? If not, you have time. The deadline in Nevada is Oct. 16. You can register online or in-person. Go to the Washoe County website. Don’t wait!