Letters for August 18, 2011

Love for Zune

Re “Running on mp3s” (Gadget, Aug. 11):

My opinion doesn’t count? iTunes users are so completely brain-washed, it seriously makes me chuckle every time some writer wanks on Zune. You don’t know what you’re missing! But then again, my opinion doesn’t count. I would hardly call the iTunes software “prolific.” Do the research! iTunes has reduced modern media to wallpaper.

Jon Kruse
Cedar Bluffs, Neb.

Keep on smokin’

Re “Smoke and mirrors” (News, Aug. 11):

From a visitor to your casinos who lives in Minnesota: We have a smoking ban here in the state, and I believe it will be hard on business if the Legislature is allowed to pass a ban. A lot of bars and VFW’s had charitable gambling-pull tabs. It all went south when the customers who couldn’t smoke left. Time will tell, but I hope it doesn’t happen!

John C. Christianson
Crystal, Minn.

Best of casinos and gambling issue?

Re “Biggest Little Best of Northern Nevada” (Feature story, Aug. 11):

No-no-no, I’m not buying it. The Peppermill swept many of your casino categories, and let me say, I like the Peppermill. I definitely believe it is a great place for wedding photographs. But, during the Zombie Crawl, as dressed-up people swarmed out of other establishments, where did they go? The Reno Nugget—that’s where, right near the Biggest Little City in the World sign on Virginia Street. During the Santa Pub Crawl, the Nugget was also a fantastic place to be. I propose that the RN&R come up with some new categories and let readers vote on them when it comes to rating casinos and casino amenities. For example, your issue listed the Best Karoake but, realistically, we need to break that down. Best Tuesday or Wednesday Night or Thursday Night Karaoke, etc., inside of or outside of casinos. Keep in mind that in this town, not everyone has their weekend during the weekend. Some people’s Friday might be Monday or Tuesday and some of these people might be at Tuesday Night Karaoke. Furthermore, when it comes to rating the best greasy spoon that might need to be broken up into from midnight-3 a.m. and from 3-to-6 a.m., and “best” should be willing to include cheapest and vicinity. For example, best greasy spoon near downtown proximity, best in Sparks, best in Peppermill-Atlantis vicinity, etc. Where is the best place to go to learn how to play poker and this category should include specials that casinos offer such as $25 buy in gets you $150 worth of poker chips or whatever. Have your readers and some of your writers scout out some of these casinos on the 24-hour clock for a week, and let’s see if we can come up with some more Reno Bests. Another way that categories can be broken up is by age.

Lee Cash

Get real

Re “Welcome to the juggle” (Arts&Culture, Aug. 4):

After having moved here from New York about eight months ago and hoping to find something like the Village Voice, I have to settle for your paper. You ran an article a few months back about the health lady with the infra-red saunas and whatnot. The guy that wrote the article was so full of shit it was unbelievable. He mentioned that she seemed so full of life as though she had been “freebasing vigor.” Really? I met the same woman at an auction downtown one weekend, and she appeared out of shape and sickly as all hell. In this latest issue, you have a reporter writing about ICP and the losers that hang out down by the river. Way to go, thanks for nothing. Get some real articles and some real journalists.

Shane Marino

When you need one

On Aug. 2, I was driving on Interstate 80 East with a friend in the car. Traveling in the slow lane, signaled to get over to the fast lane and started getting over. The car behind me decided he wanted to get over and was coming up fast behind me so I got back in the slow lane and honked as he went by. He immediately slowed, and I had a bad feeling so I took down his license plate number and took a picture of his car. He got over to the slow lane, and when I passed, he threw an object at my car that caused scrapes to the passenger door that need to be buffed out. I immediately called 911, reported the incident to Nevada Highway Patrol and was given an incident number. I was told to come in within 10 days to file a report. This last Tuesday, I went to NHP to file a report. I spoke with an officer who basically did everything he could to talk me out of filing a report. He said it’s my word against [the offender’s] word. I told him I had a witness in the car. He said I would need a witness that I didn’t know. He said even if I file a report, if he can find the guy, it’s still going to be my word against his. I told the officer that if the object had gone through the window, my passenger would’ve been hurt. I went on to tell him that if this person feels it’s OK to throw stuff at cars on the freeway, he needs to know that he will be contacted by law enforcement. Well, the officer wouldn’t even start the report because I drove a different car there and asked that I come back. I have a newborn baby and just don’t have the time to go back again. It’s disheartening as well as frustrating that NHP officers persuade people not to file a report. Basically, our tax dollars are going toward NHP enforcing laws when they feel like it.

Alyna S. Harrall

Popular myths

Re “Biggest Little Best of Northern Nevada” (Feature story, Aug. 11):

I’ve lived here and read RN&R for years. Best Of is just another popularity contest that I quit caring about a long time ago. Just because more people vote for a particular whatever doesn’t bear any relation to “best.” It’s a matter of taste, not quality and just another meaningless diversion, like the Aces and special events. Have fun with it.

Joe Sikorski

Bad best

Re “Biggest Little Best of Northern Nevada” (Feature story, Aug. 11):

I was wondering how a business can say they are the best place to get your car repaired, when they are not a full service car repair facility. I called to get a timing belt (common repair) replaced, and they don’t even replace them there. I was told they mainly repair brakes and exhaust. It doesn’t make sense that your paper would allow them to get first place in a supposed long-time reputable source for the consumer to rely upon for accurate information. This sounds like a scam to me at this point.

I just thought you might want to know since obviously nobody took the time to check into the winners. I am sure they are a good specialized shop but not for general auto repairs.

The Howards