Letters for August 11, 2011

Don’t advocate violence

Re “Welcome to the Juggle” (Arts&Culture, Aug. 4):

You have got to kidding me! An article about “Juggalos”? Is there no actual culture left in this town? I tend to have an open mind about other people’s beliefs and life choices, but this is downright idiocy. It’s great if you want to tattoo your body up and put phrases and names from some crappy rap album. And these people you interviewed claim to accept all people and show respect to the area? Yeah, right. Are these the same kids that yell obscenities when a family is at the river? When asked to keep their inappropriate comments to themselves, they automatically start yelling foul words even louder. These people have no respect for the people around them or the area. They said it themselves: They live and bathe at the river. What a crock. But they’re trying to make us feel better by saying they don’t “piss or shit” in it like other “bums.” No. You’re right. You just relieve yourself in public, in front of God and everyone around without any respect for others. These “Juggalos” are disrespectful, rude and offensive. Not because of their beliefs but because of their utter lack of respect for themselves, their surroundings, or others. Is it just me, or do these people suck?

And it’s a damned shame that you can’t even go to the park downtown because of these people. I refuse to go to that area because of the bums. They’re all bums, whether they shit in the river or not.

If there are rebuttals that I don’t respect the music or “message,” yeah I used to listen to ICP when I was like 17. And then I grew up and realized these clowns have no talent. They rap about killing cops and rednecks. I don’t care if the message is that the cops are corrupt or that the rednecks are bigots. There’s no reason to advocate violence. Period.

Hopefully, Reno police will do something about this infestation. Just for the sake of the area. Please!

Oh and by the way, ICP sucks, kid! Get a life!

Kristen Sutter


Re “Who owns the Internet?” (Feature story, Aug. 4):

Nice job on the “Who owns the internet?” article. Unfortunately, a glaring error in the lede made me question the accuracy of the whole story. As an unemployed journalist who graduated from Minnesota State University and worked in that fine state for more than a decade, I must remind you that former TV and radio personality Al Franken is now our esteemed junior senator from Minnesota. Sorry to see you didn’t do your fact-checking. I’d be happy to come down and give you a hand.

Amelia Anderson Calvert

Editor’s note: Good catch, Amelia. You’d be amazed at how large those errors appear to us once the copy hits newsprint. And since Kat Kerlin, our special projects editor, has accepted a job out of state, you’re going to get your chance. You and all interested parties can send your resume and clips to D. Brian Burghart, 708 N. Center St., Reno, NV 89501. Send electronic versions to <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">{ document.write(String.fromCharCode(60,97,32,104,114,101,102,61,34,109,97,105,108,116,111,58,98,114,105,97,110,98,64,110,101,119,115,114,101,118,105,101,119,46,99,111,109,34,62,98,114,105,97,110,98,64,110,101,119,115,114,101,118,105,101,119,46,99,111,109,60,47,97,62)) } </script>.

Up all night

Re “Go, go Godzilla” (Editor’s note, July 28):

I read with modest interest “Go go, Godzilla.” Yeah, I know, we all want better roads, until their construction impacts our everyday lives. Quit your whining.

Until last night.

Every five seconds, Godzilla was back. All night long.

Keep in mind, I live a mile from I-80. I feel for the poor souls that live right next to the freeway near Keystone.

So I will now join everyone else in saying, “Is there a road in this valley that isn’t under construction?” “And can’t it just be over already?”

I will continue with this mantra until they stop for the year, which means it will be winter again. And then I can bitch about the cold.

Dawn Connolly

S&P is no help

It’s always good to have a little help from friends in times of trouble, and the GOP got that on July 29 when Moody’s, a credit rating agency for capital markets, said the credit rating of the USA wouldn’t be downgraded as long as U.S. Treasury bondholders were paid, even if no budget agreement was reached in time. When Moody’s opened its mouth, the boogies of default and downgrading crawled back under the bed, and we could go back to sleep as long as investors are paid on time. Could this be why the Democrats were forced to support a budget that included only cuts in services and no increase in revenues? The tax breaks for the ultra rich remain in place, and why don’t they have to make sacrifices in a time of economic distress like everyone else? Besides, where are all the jobs these breaks are supposed to create: China, Mexico? Creating jobs in the USA would be of greater help than cutting services.

As for this budget deal in the U.S. Congress, I have never known such an august body that does so much for so few at the expense of so many.

Michael Seidl

Market money

Re “Shoving America back to the great recession” (Hightower, July 28):

Hoorah! I’m not insane. Finally, I have found someone who thinks like me. Jim Hightower’s article hits the nail on the head, dead center. The main cause of this recession is workers in the U.S. losing their jobs and wages and benefits being lowered for those who do work. The solution to some is to never raise taxes on big businesses or the super-rich. I got news for you, big corporations will take their tax savings and invest it in building fancy high tech factories with plush CEO offices in China, India or who knows where else, anywhere else, as long as the labor is cheap. More U.S. workers will be put out of work as the CEOs increase their salaries to 200 times or more than what the average worker makes, and the rich stockholders get richer. My suggestion: All the people not working should sell everything they have and buy stock in these companies. If this recession continues, this will be the only way to make money in the U.S.

Paul Banks
Sun Valley

More about the food

Re “Pie times” (Foodfinds, Aug. 4):

After reading this review, I am puzzled. OK, they have a great staff, but the [discussion of the] quality of the food was sparse. A more detailed [description] of the food would have been appreciated than that of the party at the table. Businesses are in need and with this pitiful review, I wonder why the reviewer bothered typing it. You say the bikers would have taken the leftovers with them, but then you say it’s OK. Well, if food is poor, would you really take it with you in the first place? Why was the pizza only fair? How can someplace improve if they don’t know why or how you as a consumer are unsatisfied?

Valerie Tilson

On the other hand

Re “Welcome to the Juggle” (Arts&Culture, Aug. 4):

The river rats are the reason Juggalos are a gang now, because Juggalos are not homeless and do not take over rivers and shit like that. River rats need to learn the real definition of a Juggalo. Yes, we are family, but we don’t disrespect people. I’m a Juggalo, and I would rather be in my house—not causing problems like these kids do. Thanks to them, the Juggalos who really respect everyone get in trouble when we are doing nothing wrong.

Megan Porcello