Letters for July 21, 2011

No problem for me

Re “Reno’s image problem” (Editorial, July 14)

Doubtless editors of the RN&R have their fingers on the city pulse far better than I do. But from my perspective, Reno doesn’t have an image problem.

Last week, my wife and I went to the Nevada Museum of Art to see the fine Egyptian exhibit. I also stopped again to look at the Ansel Adams photo exhibit.

It’s hardly shabby when the NMA repeatedly brings first-class exhibitions to Reno. It’s hardly shabby when you can eat a civilized lunch at the NMA meeting old friends and sipping wine.

It’s hardly shabby when Renoites are enlighted each summer with Chautauqua performances (although I deplore it moving from Rancho San Rafael to the god-forsaken outback of Bartley Ranch).

It’s hardly shabby when Reno holds month-long Artown each July with 400 cultural events, including several nationally known artists.

Jake Highton

Small problem for me

Re “Reno’s image problem” (Editorial, July 14)

Your editorial nailed it. I recently moved to Reno and love it: the outdoors, music, casinos, entertainment, events, etc., so I was looking forward to my daughter’s first visit. She and her boyfriend visited over the July Fourth weekend. We hiked at Caughlin Ranch, had dinner on the river, gambled at the Peppermill, and went to the chicken wing extravaganza on Virginia Street. They liked Reno but definitely commented on the crowd, just as you described it. Unfortunately, that will shade their view of our town.

Bruce Spikell

Problem with strip malls?

Re “Reno’s image problem” (Editorial, July 14)

The August issue of Popular Science perpetuates (validates?) the perception of Reno by many. I remembered the piece after reading your observations in this week’s RN&R about free functions in the city: “I lope down a path on the Truckee River that takes us away from the clutter of cut rate casino hotels, strip malls and highway exit ramps that is downtown Reno, Nevada.”

Steve Waclo
Carson City

No problem with pot

Re “Has Nevada lost its nerve?” (News, July 14):

More than 30 states still have a moral issue with pot, but the time is ripe to harvest some of those pot tourism dollars before they all go to Denver. Reno could use the money right now, cash flow should be king, but do not tell that to a politician hiding behind special interest money, etc. Tax and regulate and watch an economic miracle happen. Denver and Seattle are actually encouraging the emerging pot industry (a billion-dollar-plus business).

John Stoker

Problem with Craig

Re “Party on” (Letters to the Editor, July 14):

I have to respond to Craig Bergland’s letter regarding the economy.

I would like to ask Mr. Bergland if he has ever taken an economics class in his life? Where does he get “Fox-sponsored Tea Party?” What bunk! Fox sponsors no such thing, they simply cover the stories—stories that the left wing-sponsored media chooses not to cover (honestly) other than referring to the Tea Party as hate mongers and Nazis, while there is absolutely no evidence or proof of any such thing.

Let me ask Mr. Bergland a question. Let us suppose your bank account is empty or overdrawn. Can you legally write or cash a check on an account that is in such a condition? Will your bank overlook your deficit and extend you the privilege of writing bad checks on such an account?

I think not. This is what the U.S. government under the socialist Marxist Obama presidency is doing. Furthermore, the deficit is the highest it has ever been in the history of this nation. Not under Bush, but Obama. Finally, the wealthy pay more than 70 percent of the taxes in this country, and this president, the worst in U.S history, wants to tax us into more poverty. Winston Churchill put it well by saying, “If he’s 20 and not a liberal, he has no heart, but if he’s 40 and is not a conservative, he has no brain.” Keep on drinking the liberal Kool-Aid.

Brian Frakes

Love’s no problem

Re “Appy babies” (Summer Family Guide, July 14):

What an interesting and informative article. As a mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, I find the use of anything high-tech challenging and am amazed at the background and history of its use. I’m all for whatever works for these young families with one caveat: That an abundance of parent to child interaction and unconditional love precedes the use of any gadget.

Ruth M. Lund
Grass Valley, Calif.

Everybody’s problem

Re “We told you so” (Feature story, July 14):

Unfortunately, we’re all guilty for the present financial calamity we find ourselves in today. Politicians who serve major donors, media that prefer not to investigate fully and explain the way government entities spend taxpayer money for fear of alienating major advertisers, and all of us citizens who make the choice to allow local entities to spend hundreds of millions of dollars with no consequences for those who do so. Until the day comes when we decide to put a stop to this, we will continue to suffer the fiscal consequences of STAR bonds, redevelopment districts, and municipal employees/officials who try to perform duties for which they are totally unprepared, i.e., real estate developer. Those who spend other people’s money to further their own political ambitions are guilty of malfeasance at best, criminal neglect at worst.

Mark Glenn

Problem with irony!

Re “We told you so” (Feature story, July 14):

While the RN&R article regarding the train trench clearly illuminated the folly of the trench and the enormous cost saddled to Reno taxpayers, little was really mentioned of why we did it and what will happen.

OK, reducing traffic was the goal, but really when you look back and compare the traffic to today’s, it is not one iota better than before. The lights are poorly synchronized, there is no room for widening the street, pedestrians still hold up traffic, and the buses … oh those buses!

So there was a $265 million seven-out with the taxpayers on the pass line. But someone always benefits from any black cloud. Every bum, vagrant, panhandler and ne’er-to-do now has a $265 million grass-covered grandstand to conduct their business! Isn’t downtown Reno great!!! And your editorial talks about Reno’s image problem!!! Isn’t that ironic?

Roy Brennan