Issue: July 14, 2011

Hi everybody.

We hate to say, "I told you so," but ... just kidding! We relish the opportunity. Remember the train trench that 65 percent of locals didn't want built and then city officials went ahead and built it anyway? Well, it's still there and still sucking the cash out of our pockets as the city gets more and more broke. It's exactly what many of us were afraid of. Also in this week's issue, our news editor, Dennis Myers, examines how the state of Nevada has joined the ranks of the castrati. This issue contains our Family Guide summer edition, with stories about camping with babies, summer jobs for teens, and

the dangers of janky high chairs. Be sure to pick up a newsprint copy for exclusive cartoons and columns.

Thanks for reading our newspaper! If it weren't for you we'd be total


Brad Bynum

Arts Editor, Reno News & Review