Issue: July 28, 2011

Hi everybody.

Do you like riding your bike around Reno? In this week's cover story,

I profile the guy who made bicycling in Reno cool, Tim Healion, and

the annual bike race he's been organizing since 1992, Tour de Nez.

Also in this week's issue, news editor Dennis Myers looks into the

crystal ball of Reno's future and what he sees is as bleak as a house

in a Dickens novel. And movie critic Bob Grimm reviews Captain

America, the latest superhero movie to come down the Marvel Comics

assembly line this summer. Don't forget to pick up a newsprint copy

of our paper for exclusive columns and cartoons.

As always, thanks for reading! If it weren't for you, all our tires

would be flat.

Brad Bynum,

RN&R Arts Editor.