Letters for August 11, 2016

Stood by her man

As a feminist—I think every woman is, at the bottom of her heart—it irritates me that wives stand next to their man, quietly smiling. No matter what situation, what culture or color, it happens all the time. I’m glad it has been brought up. I hope women will be inspired to at least show some emotions, touch their man and say something themselves.

I ask every woman in the U.S. to vote for The Woman who can pave the road to more room, respect and equality for us! Do not just stand there and smile! A vote for Hillary is a vote for you and me. Let the men quack no more!

Mette Elfving


Another ejectee

Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence spoke in Carson City and then in Reno at the Grand Sierra Resort. I’m an activist in town and find this election to be very concerning, especially for women and minorities.

So naturally I was interested in what he had to say at this rally, interested in why so many people are standing behind Trump and Pence after all the lunacy and hate. Two fellow community activists and I decided to go as nothing more than concerned citizens to merely listen to Pence’s speech. We arrived and were bombarded by people asking us if we were registered to vote and if we planned on making America great again. We were very polite and calm—basically just kept walking and smiled.

We originally thought about carrying signs in protest but ditched that idea, given the negative energy of the crowd. We were asked to get out of the security line the first time because of a water bottle we couldn’t bring in. We cooperated and took it to our car and also decided to leave our purses as well.

We returned to the security line and were met by two officers in uniform. They told us we had to leave because we were at a private event. We showed them our tickets that we had easily obtained off of Donald Trump’s website, for free. Nothing said it was private. They then proceeded to tell us that they’ve seen us at rallies before causing trouble, and they’ve been told we aren’t allowed. This is completely inaccurate. None of us have ever been to anything related to Donald Trump or Mike Pence, nor have we ever caused a problem at any political event.

We decided to go speak to GSR’s security about what happened and tell them how rudely we were treated. We got the same response about some footage of us from previous rallies—and that Secret Service red flagged us and we would face jail time if we didn’t leave!

This is what Trump’s America will look like: Exclusion, hate, discrimination, fear mongering and violence. So many bold-faced lies! I can’t say that I’m surprised three peaceful feminists were treated this way at his rally. It just confirms the fear I have held of the possibility of a Trump presidency. We did nothing wrong and were threatened with arrest for trying to listen to his running mate. If you are thinking of sitting out for this election, please think again. Think of the safety of your community and fellow citizens who don’t fit into Trump’s hateful America.

Natalie Henriques



Re: “Best of Northern Nevada 2016” (Feature, August 8):

The winners of “best ski resort” were inadvertently excluded from the results of this year’s Best of Northern Nevada readers’ poll. The winners are 1. Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe; 2. Squaw Valley Resort; and 3. Northstar California Resort.

In addition, Edible Reno-Tahoe Magazine tied with Reno Tahoe Tonight for first place in the category “best publication (that’s not us).” The tie was listed correctly online, but Edible Reno-Tahoe Magazine was inadvertently excluded from the print results. Finally, the word “bearable” was cut off from the print version of our editors’ pick for “Best ’burb.”

We regret the omissions.