Issue: July 14, 2016

Hi there readers,

Welcome to this week's Reno News & Review.

We've already had a few smoky days this summer due to wildfires. In this

week's feature story, freelance environmental writer Alastair Bland

explains why we can expect a few more.

Ever thought it wasn't fair that science education is just for kids?

Well, it's not. For this week's Green, Josie Luciano talked with the

Discovery Museum about adult-only programs in robotics,

fermentation—and, for this week, urban sustainability.

And get ready to spend the next few scorching-hot days and nights

catching up on summer movies in the theater after you get schooled by

Bob Grimm, who personally suffered through this year's worst Hollywood

flops so you wouldn't have to. He found a few good ones too. His full

report card is now available.

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exclusive columns, cartoons and paper cuts.

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Kris Vagner

Arts Editor