Don't hesitate

Welcome to this week's Reno News & Review.

Last Friday, June 13, I went over to the 3rd Street bar to catch a stand-up comedy event. My friend P. K. Hutchinson was one of the performers. The comedians were great—and many of the local jokers were just as funny as the touring headliner.

After the comedy was over, a few of us hopped into a cab and headed over to Lincoln Lounge to catch the Funk Assassination, the fellas from the Mark Sexton Band and some players from the local jazz scene laying down nasty grooves as a very receptive audience danced, hooted and hollered.

Next morning, we went down to the Positively Fourth Street block party, and had a great brunch at Mark Estee's pop-up restaurant in Cuddleworks. We goofed around at Reno Instagrammy's photo booth in the Under the Rose brewery, and then chatted with friends at the Reno Bike Project and the Holland Project's temporary record store.

All of these were fun events, with lively, not-giving-a-fuck crowds, and just a sampling of the many events going on around downtown Reno that weekend and every weekend—way more fun than whatever the people who think downtown Reno is a dead, scary place are doing with their miserable, sanitized summers.

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