Issue: May 15, 2014

Hi everybody,

This will be the last newsletter introduction ever written from the 708 North Center Street offices of the Reno News & Review. That's right, we're moving to 405 Marsh Avenue, where we will continue to put together the most awesome newspaper in Northern Nevada. This week on the cover of your favorite newspaper, we've got our news editor, Dennis Myers, writing about a political office that you never hear much about, Nevada's lieutenant governor. Our food guy, Todd South, checks out the season's food trucks. Really there's just too much to talk about in these final moments before I unplug the keyboard. Feel free to click the links below, but don't forget to pick up a newsprint version for exclusive local ads, local commentary and local cartoons (OK, one local cartoon). As always, thanks for reading us; if not for you, we'd have to move on.

Here's to you!