Rated 3.0

This is perhaps director Atom Egoyan’s (The Sweet Hereafter) most commercial work yet, and it’s also at times his clumsiest. Still, Amanda Seyfried is quite good as the title character, a call girl who gets hired by a jealous wife (Julianne Moore) to spy on her husband (Liam Neeson). Things get complicated fast, culminating with Chloe and the wife sharing a bed, and Chloe becoming obsessed. Egoyan is always an interesting director, and he makes a good-looking picture. The performances by the three leads are all first rate. They are good enough to make you overlook the derivative turns the screenplay takes in the final act. It goes from an intriguing look into jealousy and infidelity to a Fatal Attraction rip-off. Neeson’s wife Natasha Richardson died while he was filming the picture, and he had to complete the film while still in mourning. The screenplay was altered to accommodate the actor.