She’s Out of My League

Rated 1.0

Yet another movie that tries to find the humor in shaving your balls, a joke that was tired the first time it hit the screen. Jay Baruchel stars as an average guy who gets a chance to date a super hot girl (Alice Eve) when she leaves her phone behind at the airport where he works. They embark on an awkward romance that involves him jizzing his pants and, yes, shaving his balls to make his dick look bigger. While the two stars are likeable, director Jim Field Smith puts them in situations that are embarrassing groaners, and the supporting players are more annoying than funny. There’s not a new joke to be had, unless you count a mastiff licking somebody’s crotch as new. Also, any film that shows TSA workers generally screwing around at the airport is just unsettling. I don’t see the humor in a guy trying to make a girl strip down so he can wave her with one of those metal detector wands. That’s just troubling.