“Economics doesn’t lead politics, it follows politics. Until there is a broadening of the political spectrum beyond a protest in Seattle or a protest in Washington, there will not be a broader economics.” So says Harvard economics Professor Stephen Marglin, as quoted in an article titled “Post-autistic Economics” on the adbusters.org forum for discussion of alternative economic principles. The Adbusters site also includes the “Spoof Ad Gallery,” where you can check out satirical ads for “Joe Chemo” and Prozac Mood Brightener, which will “Wash Your Blues Away,” among others. A heady mix of satire, news and very serious discussion of the economic and ecological crisis being forced to a head by free-market, multi-national capitalistic business practices, Adbusters and its affiliate, truecosteconomics.org, which are both associated with the print magazine Adbusters, are well worth checking out whether you love, hate or don’t have an informed opinion about the world of big business.