Johanna’s Art Inspired by Stevie Nicks MyArtworkInspiredByStevieNicks.htm

Walls bare? Shelves full of boring old family photos? Is the décor of your home lacking its wispy, new-age, air-brushed soul since you unloaded your Patrick Nagel prints? Fret not, my feathered-hair friends, the digital universe has salvation for your twirling, Gypsy spirit. Within the confines of is the sub-domain of Johanna’s Art Inspired by Stevie Nicks, a world of creative indulgence “inspired by the rock ’n’ roll ballerina” herself. I won’t go into an in-depth critique here. Instead, I invite you to visit the gallery featuring full-color pieces such as “The Crystal Ball” (Stevie in a “mediaeval fantasy setting”), “Magic and Moonlight” and my personal favorite, “Peacekeeper,” with Stevie and a bald eagle solemnly posing in front of an American flag. Best of all, click on the “Portraits” link and you can be the leather to Stevie’s lace in your own personalized portrait.