World’s spendiest sports

If money were no object, how would you play?

How much does it cost to play your sport? If you’re a Frisbee golfer you probably shell out about $12 per disc and a little gas money to drive up Highway 32. If you’re a traditional golfer, you could be looking at a membership to a private course and monthly fees, plus those lessons and the occasional new driver.

But what if money wasn’t an object? That’s right. If you could try anything, what would it be? To consider your options, take a look-see at the world’s most expensive sports.

Grand Prix Circuit yacht racing: Think top-of-the-line Transpac 52 vessel, 14-member crew, marina and entry fees. Final price tag: $2.2 million

Sportscar Vintage Racing Association Circuit: The 1966 Ford GT 40 alone will set you back $1.5 million. Tack on transportation, equipment and practices. Final price tag: $2.1 million

Medium-Goal Polo Team: You’ll need crazy-athletic horses (six of them at $100,000 each), plus training and coaching, equipment, grooming, polo club fees. Oh, and the five other players. Final price tag: $1.4 million

International Aerobatic Circuit: You’ve always wanted to fly, and now you can afford that Cap 232 ($300,000). Fuel will cost you a bit extra these days. Final price tag: $543,522

Still wanna hit the links? Check this out:

No-limit golf: Personal training by Butch Harmon at his school (three days for $4,900), Maruman irons and woods ($12,000), designer shoes and bag. Now get that membership (and pay annual dues) to Trump International Club. Final price tag: $466,000