Home sweet home is pricey as ever

Top 10 most expensive places, plus afforable ones

It’s a buyer’s market when it comes to homes, but that doesn’t mean purchasing a house is cheap … unless you want to live in, say, Nicholasville, Ky. However, it boggles the mind to know that in some places one can still buy a house for less than 100 grand. Last year the median home-sale price in Chico was $293,250. It could be worse. Here’s a breakdown of the 10 cheapest and most expensive places to purchase a home, based on median prices in 2007.

Affordable homes

Nicholasville, Ky. ($70,000)
Russellville, Ariz. ($85,000)
Pearl, Miss. ($100,000)
Franklin, Ind. ($103,000)
Des Moines, Iowa ($105,000)
Omaha, Neb. ($113,000)
Redan, Ga. ($115,000)
Watuaga, Texas ($117,040)
Arnold, Mo. ($119,600)
Bellevue, Neb. ($120,000)

Pricey homes

Beverly Hills, Calif. ($1,630,000)
Manhattan Beach, Calif. ($1,625,000)
Newport Beach, Calif. ($1,515,000)
Los Altos, Calif. ($1,500,000)
Saratoga, Calif. ($1,500,000)
Laguna Beach, Calif. ($1,487,500)
New Canaan, Conn. ($1,465,000)
Greenwich, Conn. ($1,449,000)
La Cañada Flintridge, Calif. ($1,315,000)
Coronado, Calif. ($1,300,000)

Source: CNNMoney