When the leaves fall down

City leaf-pickup program announces limitations

The city of Chico has announced that its annual leaf-pickup program will begin Friday, Nov. 1, and end on Jan. 2. The program is aimed at picking up the leaves dropped by the city’s “street trees in the public right-of-way,” according to a city press release. “It is not intended for leaves and yard waste generated from trees in private yards, alleyways or in the unincorporated areas.”

For leaves that fall from trees on private land, residents are encouraged to use the yard-waste recycling services offered by the private firms Recology or Waste Management, or do the work themselves by hauling the fallen leaves to the city’s compost facility on Cohasset Road.

Those residents who do use the city service are asked to place the piles away from the curb to allow drainage—not in bike lanes—making them no higher than 4 feet. Limbs, grass clippings and trash will not be picked up.