Wheels, sales and cinnamon rolls

Ridge restaurants go mobile; Scotty’s Landing and Odyssey Winery up for grabs; plus, Cinnabon coming to Chico Mall

A few weeks ago, when I was up on the Ridge reporting on the drinking water crisis, I had an occasion to stop by Meeho’s for a mean plate of nachos. I chatted briefly with the guy who took my order at the popular eatery, which is operating out of a truck parked alongside its still-standing building on the Skyway. It makes sense, with a lack of potable water, to do it that way—there are way fewer requirements because of the standalone plumbing system.

Meeho’s isn’t the only one going mobile. (Actually, that truck existed before the fire.) Just this week, Green Paradise started serving up hungry customers out of a truck at its old space on the Skyway. Its brick-and-mortar shop burned down—its new Facebook banner is a sweet but chilling drawing of the old store shrouded by an orange sky.

I’m really happy to see businesses returning to the Ridge and not letting the many obstacles in their path hold them back.

For sale Too many years ago now, I remember heading out to Scotty’s Landing for my 30th birthday. It also happened to be a CAMMIES blues showcase, so I decided to make a thing of it. I called up my friend Vickie Haselton, a longtime Yellow Cab driver who also drove a school bus, and she picked up me and my friends downtown in the bus and carted us out to the river. What fun!

Two things bring this up: Vickie just became one of the CN&R’s newest hires—you might see her delivering papers on Thursday mornings—congrats, friend! And I just heard the news that Scotty’s Landing is up for sale. For $800,000, the legendary riverside bar and tubing spot could be yours.

One more As I was reading the ad for Scotty’s, I came across another listing that sparked my interest. Odyssey Winery & Vineyards is for sale. The north Chico spot—it’s on Cohasset Road, down past the airport—is on 7.2 acres, 2.5 of them vineyard land. It’s going for $2.2 million and the owners, Norm and Janice Rosene, are willing to offer winemaking coaching gratis. Last time I checked in with the Rosenes, they were being deployed to Tulsa, Okla., to help with animals displaced by severe storms and flooding there. Best of luck, you two.

Healthy shmealthy For anyone wishing they could shovel in half of their daily calories and fat in one sitting, you’re in luck: Cinnabon is coming to the Chico Mall. I’m not trying to knock the bakery that specializes in delicious, soft, warm, dripping-with-icing cinnamon rolls—I’m happy to hear that a big-name brand wants to come into the mall. I do wish I could report that it’s going to take up residence in the food court, however, because that little corner looks sadder and sadder every time I walk by. Instead, you’ll be able to pick up your 880-calorie Cinnabon Classic Roll (just 37 grams of fat, 17 of them saturated!) by Auntie Anne’s.