What’s old is new again

Demo for the Grad?; Winchester Goose to move; welcome back, Waganupa

A number of familiar businesses are moving, transforming or returning to Chico right now, enough to take note, anyway. The biggest one, for which I have limited information, is a plan to tear down the building that once housed The Graduate and replace it with a six-story apartment building for student housing.

My first thought was, six stories?! My commute home from work will take on a drastically different feel with such a massive building along Eighth Street. Then again, looking at the boarded up Grad building every day isn’t great—so anything would be an improvement. And we definitely need housing. The plans haven’t been approved yet, as the city is looking at its parking inventory in the area. Once it gets to the architectural review phase, schematics will become public.

My only hope is that they don’t make them “luxury apartments” like the ones that now line the Nord Avenue/Walnut Street corridor. They’re much too expensive—I’ve heard word that there are many vacancies—for the average college student to afford.

Down the road I popped in to the Winchester Goose last week after hearing a rumor that the popular pub was planning a move. Yes, the rumor is true. The Goose is in the beginning stages of transforming the old Herried’s Music space—just across Broadway from its current location—back into a bar.

According to the Chico Heritage Association’s Facebook page, that building, at 824 Oroville Ave., was built in 1865 and first housed Clark & Stapp’s Junction Saloon. That block is still referred to as The Junction. Many old-time Chicoans remember it as Cabo’s. And, as I recall, when Herried’s moved in, it left the bar and stage intact. I’m curious about the parking situation; Amigos de Acapulco owns the small adjoining lot. Expect live shows, plus booze and food (I tried the trout chowder last week—awesome) at the new Winchester Goose sometime next spring/summer.

More changes The Bahama Hut, which opened this past summer in the kiosk within the Safeway parking lot on Nord Avenue, has closed. Another business is already moving into its place, however, and it’s a familiar one: Midnite Munchies. Keep an eye on Facebook for updates on hours, etc. Do not fear, they’ll still make deliveries 8 p.m.-1 a.m. daily (order at midnite-munchies.com).

Back in business After taking a hiatus from running its Chico taproom, Waganupa Brewing, which started in Chester, has reopened in the same location (1346 Longfellow Ave.). The vibe is pretty neat, so I hope to check it out soon.

In the holiday mood For those who want to get a head start on holiday shopping—or just like rad, locally made crafts—add this to your calendar: Independent Realty’s third annual Indie Art Fair. Fifteen artists’ wares will be on display, and range from jewelry to eclectic art pieces. This Saturday (Nov. 10), noon-4 p.m., at Independent Realty’s offices at 30 Landing Circle, Ste. 300.