What’s My Name, Fool?

Is the world of professional sports just a hugely profitable entertainment diversion, a simple celebration of “the game”? Or is it unavoidably political? Is there racism in sports in 2005? What role does American football play in encouraging war? In What’s My Name, Fool? Sports and Resistance in the United States, Dave Zirin, sports commentator for Air America’s “On the Real” program and editor of edgeofsports.com, combs the natty hair of sports history and profiles the major figures in sports who have courageously demonstrated loyalty to the principles of justice, human rights and equality: Muhammad Ali’s refusal to fight in Vietnam, Jackie Robinson’s initiation by fire into the major leagues, Tommie Smith’s and John Carlos’ controversial salutes to freedom on the winners’ platform in the 1968 Mexico Olympics, and baseball’s Curt Flood’s sacrifice which brought players out of wage slavery—among many others. This book is a reminder that sports continues to be a naked reflection of class, race and politics. This book should be read in every high school in America.