How to Satisfy Your Woman Every Time: The Straight Guy’s Guide to Housework and Good Grooming

As any married man knows, marriage has less to do with romance and sensual bliss than the more mundane matters of taking care of the home, and telepathically anticipating the needs of the wife. This book, whose racy title promises much more than the life-size kitchen sponge on its cover, actually succeeds in doing what it claims. It is a well-designed, well-thought-out manual for keeping order—and therefore marital harmony—in the household. Everything in this book is true, of common sense, and should be faithfully done in the timely manner recommended. I have no doubt that peace would prevail on earth as a result. The graphic design is snazzy and inviting, and attracts me like no other lover. Every page is the word of the One True Wife God, but in a nice, no-nonsense way. I’m not kidding: bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, home office—the whole house, not to mention personal grooming habits—are covered in this excellent tome. Could save many a marriage.