What’s for dinner?

For April Fools, could be chicken not-pie

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Next Wednesday, April 1, is April Fools’ Day. FamilyFun.com lists “8 Great April Fools’ Recipe Pranks”—convincingly real-looking and suitable for the whole family. Step-by-step recipe instructions are included for each fake dish. Happy cooking!

1. Faux fish sticks: sweet, cookie-like creations served with a side of green-taffy peas

2. Fauxberry pie: looks like chocolate cream pie with strawberry whipped cream, but is actually Shepherd’s Pie in disguise

3. Fake spaghetti and malt balls: spaghetti made from piped frosting

4. Colorful cupcakes: meat cupcakes with dyed mashed potato icing

5. Chicken not-pie: filled with candy and pudding

6. Mock sushi: rolls of candy and cereal wrapped in fruit leather

7. A fool’s dinner: fake chicken nuggets, veggies and mashed potatoes (yes, it’s all sweet)

8. Faux french fries: with seedless strawberry jam “ketchup”