How do our hospitals stack up?

CHART results for Enloe and Feather River

The latest figures from the California Hospital Assessment and Reporting Taskforce (CHART) comparing the state’s hospitals are in. They indicate that the two local hospitals participating in the program, Enloe Medical Center and Feather River Hospital, are both rated highly in some areas but not in others, though neither is rated poor in any area. (Oroville Hospital does not participate in the survey.) An average rating means the hospital is performing as well as the state average. For complete results, go to

Care type Enloe Feather River
Heart attack (quality of care) superior average
Heart failure (quality of care) average above average
Pneumonia (mortality rate) average superior
Pneumonia (quality of care) average above average
Critical care (ICU mortality rate) below average above average
Patient safety (surgical care measures) average above average
Overall patient experience (hospital rating) below average average