Birds do it, bees do it …

So, why do we do it? Here are a few reasons.

Let’s face it—Valentine’s Day makes many people think of love … and sex. And it’s fair to assume that on the night of Feb. 14, a lot of people will be showing their affection for one another by making love. Take a look at some other reasons—according to a study conducted by University of Texas psychology professor Cindy Meeson—that people say they have sex, besides love for one another and the romantic stimulus of Valentine’s Day. Meeson’s study came up with 237 reasons to have sex. Here are some of them:

1. I was “in the heat of the moment.”
2. It just happened.
3. I was bored.
5. Someone dared me.
7. I wanted to feel closer to God.
40. I wanted to “gain control” of the person.
48. I felt like it was my duty.
54. It’s fun.
57. It would get me gifts.
64. I felt sorry for the person.
147. I wanted to keep warm.
155. I wanted to get a raise.
173. I wanted to get rid of a headache.
197. I wanted to see what all the fuss is about.
201. The person was a good dancer.

Source: “The 237 reasons to have sex,”