Bush didn’t do that badly

According to Gallup, his approval ratings were about average

The American people may be ready to put Dubya in the past, but overall he hasn’t fared that poorly in public-opinion polls. Compared with other post-WWII presidents, he ranks right in the middle for average approval ratings during his presidency. In fact, during his first term, he outranked his father, with an average approval rating of 62.2 percent. On the other hand, no other president has gone as high in the ratings as Bush (92 percent approval following 9/11) or as low (19 percent in February 2008). Here’s a look at the post-war presidents with their averages, to put things in perspective as we say goodbye to Bush.

Kennedy 70.1%
Eisenhower 65.0%
G.H.W. Bush 60.1%
Clinton 55.1%
Johnson 55.1%
Reagan 52.8%
G.W. Bush 49.4%
Nixon 49.1%
Ford 47.2 %
Carter 45.5%
Truman 45.4%

Source: Gallup Poll