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What do visitors find about Chico on

TripAdvisor offers handy advice to travelers (and locals!) about restaurants and hotels, with all the ratings based on users’ comments and scoring. So, what do prospective visitors see when they type “Chico California” in the search field? Below are the top 10 restaurants and the top five hotels on Log on to rank your favorites!

1. Fifth Street Steakhouse
2. Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.
3. Smokin’ Mo’s BBQ
4. Priya Indian Cuisine
5. Johnnie’s Restaurant
6. Sin of Cortez
7. Rawbar
8. Celestino’s
9. Sicilian Café
10. Cocodine Thai Cuisine

1. Hotel Diamond
2. Residence Inn
3. Oxford Suites
4. Courtyard by Marriott
5. Best Western Heritage Inn