What’s for dessert?

Californians say this classic American dessert best represents the Golden State

Californians like to think of themselves as American as … go ahead, finish the sentence. Funky Chunky, a gourmet popcorn company based in Minnesota, set out on a delicious quest to discover which desserts Americans think most appropriately represent their state. After surveying 3,800 people across the U.S., apple pie came out as a clear favorite in California, with 38 percent of the votes. The Meyer lemon cake came in second place (at 22 percent) and rocky road ice cream followed (18 percent). For our northern neighbors in Oregon, marionberry pie and blackberry cobbler tied for first place, with 26 percent of the votes, followed by brownies (18 percent). To the east, in Nevada, doughnuts were victorious (30 percent), followed by homemade ice cream (27 percent). Other survey highlights: One-third of Americans share their treats with their partners—but just as many hide them in places around the house.

Source: funkychunky.com/blogs/news/official-state-treats