Republicans, men own the most guns

Poll breaks down demographics of firearm owners

A recent Gallup poll aimed to gauge Americans’ viewpoint on guns by tallying the number of people who own a firearm or live in a household with one. A full 30 percent of respondents said they personally own a gun, and 43 percent reported living in a gun household. Here are some other key findings:

• Men (43 percent) are more likely to personally own a gun than women (17 percent).

• 33 percent of adults 50 years old and older own a gun, while 19 percent of those 18 to 29 own one.

• Republicans (45 percent) are more likely than independents (32 percent) and Democrats (16 percent) to be gun owners.

• When looking at education levels, people with some college or a college degree were the most likely to own a gun (34 percent and 33 percent, respectively) than those with no higher education (27 percent) or postgraduate degrees (23 percent).