Wellness in a pot

Cultivating health benefits with indoor plants

It’s common knowledge that getting out in nature—interacting with plants and trees—is good for human health. But what about bringing a little of the great outdoors inside? There’s evidence that indoor plants have benefits as well, such as:

Improving indoor air quality. As NASA discovered by researching whether plants could detoxify the air in its space stations, numerous types of indoor plants effectively remove formaldehyde, benzene and other pollutants from air. The common spider plant and golden pothos were found to be particularly effective.

Boosting mood and productivity. A 2014 study published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology found that concentration, productivity and job satisfaction are higher in workplaces with plenty of plants.

Aiding in healing. Numerous studies show that hospital patients who receive plants and flowers have more positive outcomes following surgery.

Source: BerkeleyWellness.com