Welcome to Hooliwood

The Hooliganz

If by some chance listening to Welcome to Hooliwood is your first exposure to these local hip-hop heavyweights, rest assured that the CD is a culmination of lessons learned from perfecting their dope live show. Album opener “Hooliwood” is a guitar-laden track that juxtaposes swimmingly with the next song, the deeply soulful “Dr. Feel Good,” which allows J. Pigg and I2K to show their diverse lyrical versatility while giving mad props to DJ Marvel. “Little Different” may be the sleeper track on the album, with B. Lee droppin’ his illest verse and I2K continuing The Hooliganz’s reputation as certified lyricists who defy the moniker “party emcees.” “Señorita” is a song for the ladies that falls shy of the level of excellence of the rest of the album. The aptly titled “Classic” evokes the spirits of sacrosanct summer staples like “Summertime” and “I Get Around” (blasphemy?). If you are a fan of lyrics, you will be delighted with the velvety deliveries of J. Pigg and I2K. If you like beats, DJ Marvel takes you on an expansive voyage through rolling rock riffs and seas of sultry soul. If you like everything you hear on the radio … yo, you can read?!