Water you waiting for?

It’s always time to conserve water

We might be swimming in it right now, but just because we’ve emerged from several years of drought this year doesn’t mean we should quit conserving. Besides, the population is still growing, which means our sources of water have to be shared among an ever-increasing number of people. The folks at California Water Service Co. have a few tips on how to conserve:

• Replace water-hogging toilets: Change out 3.5- to 8-gallon-per flush dinosaurs with high-efficiency 1.28-gallon-per flush models and save thousands of gallons of water per year.

• Fix leaky faucets and sprinkler heads: Small drips add up to gallons. Cal Water offers free plumbing-retrofit conservation kits—visit www.calwater.com for details.

• Turn off water while brushing teeth: Leaving water on can waste 70 gallons each month.

• Shorten your showering time: Every minute saves 75 gallons per month.

• Replace old washer with high-efficiency model: Take advantage of rebates.

• Greener gardens: Use native plants that are used to our climate and thus require less water.

• Do you need to water the lawn? Step on the grass; if it springs back, wait to water. And water at night, or in the early morning.

Source: http://calwater.com/conservation/facts_tips/home.php