Rated 4.0

James McAvoy’s Wesley Gibson is like Clark Kent’s evil twin—boring account manager by day, bullet-curving contract killer by night. And who better to train the guy to be part of the Fraternity, a group of hit men/women, than a sexed-up, bad girl named Fox (Angelina Jolie)? Fox easily drags Wesley into her web. He’s unhappy and unfulfilled and she taunts him with her big eyes and tales of his father (a former hit man), whom he never knew. This team of assassins, led by Sloan (Morgan Freeman), faces off against a single enemy, who is quite a good match for all of them. The car chases are phenomenal, adrenaline-pumpers, and the toys these guys play with are fun to watch. McAvoy expands his range here, playing a tortured robot of a man suddenly faced with the opportunity to do something exciting with his life, even if it means testing his morals. It’s fun to watch him break through barriers in his personality, while kicking ass to boot.