The Foot Fist Way

Rated 3.0

An indie comedy shot on the cheap in just 19 days, this profane puppy is a slap-happy Napoleon Dynamite, with a lizard-brain protagonist who somehow manages to become morbidly endearing as the narrative proceeds, despite his best efforts. Taking the current Hollywood trend of the comedy-of-pain to its ultimate extreme (and then some), we hook up with a Tae Kwon Doofus at an L.A. dojo as his shaky world gets a lot shakier. Newly cuckolded by his frowsy wife, loser Fred goes over the edge as he funnels his deadpan rage through the Fist Foot Way (the literal translation of Tae Kwon Do). A whole lot of “Oh, God … don’t go there” ensues, followed by plenty of “Damn, they went there.” Not for every taste, but tasty enough in its roughshod way for those who want to go there. Pretty much vile and disgusting for anyone else.