Want water? Just ask

Cal Water partners with restaurants to save water

During a recent visit to the Italian Cottage on The Esplanade I noticed something was missing from the table: a glass of water. It wasn’t a big deal, because I was planning on drinking a nice, cool glass of iced tea anyway.

Then I noticed a sign, letting customers know the restaurant was doing its part to conserve—if I wanted water, I simply had to ask. I wondered how many times I’d been out to eat and left my water completely untouched. Those glasses add up!

California Water Service’s Chico district has introduced this simple—and effective—way to conserve water at local restaurants. District Manager Mike Pembroke said Italian Cottage is one of close to a dozen locations, such as Morning Thunder Café and Gooney Bird Bar and Grill, on board with the recent program. In addition to saving this natural resource, the measure helps the restaurants, cutting back on dishwashing loads, energy and the server’s time.

Any local restaurants interested in the program are encouraged to contact Cal Water at 893-6300.