Waste not, want not

Ways to save in the office

Thinking about the environment isn’t a reflexive politically correct thing to do. It can have tangible, bottom-line impacts on a business. With so many factors out of your control, why not look for savings in expenses you can control?

Here are a few ideas:

• Turn SPAM into something useful by using the back of faxes and printouts for note paper, or flip over to reuse in your fax machines, printers and copiers. (Just make sure to remember which side each machine considers “up”!)

• When you leave your work station or room, turn out the light. (You might not need to flip the switch at all if you have a bright office with a window.)

• Make your break room “green” (that’s eco-friendly, not moldy) with utensils and napkins made of recycled or compostible materials—or, even better, stock kitchen supplies that are washable, reusable nondisposables.

• Put recycle bins—paper, aluminum, glass, etc.—in convenient, high-traffic locations, where employees will fill ’em and maintenance crews will empty ’em.

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