Walleyes like warming lake

Walleyes displacing trout in Lake Superior due to global warming

A Native American tribe in far-northern Michigan is one of a number of indigenous groups having to adjust its ways due to global warming.

The Keweenaw Bay Indian Community, which for decades has depended on a robust trout population in Lake Superior for its commercial-fishing livelihood, is finding that the warming waters of the lake are resulting in habitat decrease for some trout, such as the siscowet, and habitat increase for a fish called the walleye, according to The Daily Climate. As a result, the tribe has added the walleye—popular in the lower Great Lakes—to its hatchery.

The water temperature of Lake Superior has seen an average increase of 5 degrees over the past four decades, increasing habitat for walleyes by 223 square miles. “They have expanded their habitat in enormous ways,” said Jim Kitchell, a professor at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.