Undecided one

Jessica M. Robertson

Photo By Tom Gascoyne

You’ve heard of them; we found one. This late in the game, there are still a reportedly sizeable number of undecided voters—maybe 18 percent—out there teetering back and forth between George W. Bush and John F. Kerry. Jessica M. Robertson, a 20-year-old Butte College student, Chico resident and former waitress at Jack’s Family Restaurant, will be voting in her first election Nov. 2, and she says she is not yet sure which candidate will get her check mark on the ballot.

Are you following the presidential campaign?

The debates and news clips pretty much but…

Can you tell me why you are undecided at this point?

I really don’t care for either one of them, but I guess you have to choose between the two of them.

What about a third-party candidate?

We don’t have one, so that’s not really an option.

What about Nader?

Are you serious? [Laughs.] That shows you what I know about politics.

Don’t you think there is a vast difference between the two [major party] candidates?

Definitely. Bush is way more aggressive. Kerry is a little more family-oriented, in that he is more worried about families and us here in America, where Bush is more worried about what is going on abroad.

When do you think you will decide?

Probably when I’m at the polls. I don’t know. Unless something happens between now and then that makes up my mind. I’m really not leaning either way. I am kind of disappointed in who we have to choose between, but at least we do get to choose.

So you consider the negative side of each man?

Well, yeah. What a person does wrong always stands out more in your mind than what a person does right. But I’m looking to the positive side, too. I’m looking at what each one of them had to say with an unbiased mind, so…