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Anthony Peyton Porter

Photo By Carla Resnick

Anthony Peyton Porter is an erudite author, publisher and radio commentator. His first book, Greg Lemond: Premier Cyclist, was published in 1990, and he’s been writing ever since. He moved to Chico from Minneapolis, Minn., with his wife, Janice, who is a grad student in art at Chico State University. He has lived in Chico for 14 months and finds the weather, trees, bike lanes and proximity to the foothills and San Francisco most agreeable.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

A writer.

How has that panned out for you?

[Laughs.] I made it. It took longer than I expected, but most things seem to.

How long have you been writing books?

My first book was published in 1990.

Do you publish other people’s books through Porter Publishing?

Yes. Porter Publishing has done two books. The first was a collection of my essays, Can He Say That?, and the second was a collection of poems by a guy who had gotten a foundation grant to pay a publisher. He was a good poet, so I said yes.

I understand that you are also a radio commentator.

I’ve been doing radio commentary for KFAI in the Twin Cities for over six years, and I’ve done commentary for public television and National Public Radio and Minnesota Public Radio. And I like it. It’s a kind of practice. For me, language is sound; I sometimes hear more when I say it than if it’s just the words on paper. And I like radio.

When can we expect to hear you on KZFR?

We are currently in negotiations. I’m holding out for a cup of coffee and a donut. They’re just offering a cup of coffee. I would guess within the next week or two.

So what are you working on now?

My colleague Mary Beth Lorbiecki and I are working on a series of children’s books. Historical children’s stories.